I write for work and entertainment and I can't stop doing it.

Since I also like reading I really have to divide my time between the two.

I'm interested in about everything ranging from cultural issues to political history to alternative movements and philosophies.

Since eCommerce is taking over our shopping streets, we see that we too can build our own shop now!
All it takes is some space in your shed if you sell physical products (you may also just let these products
where you found them and only buy them when you get an online order) and the software to put the shop online.
When you only sell digital products, like movies or pictures or software, the shop can also provide a logical infrastructure
for that. I wrote a DUTCH book for the DUTCH market. Check my book Deel 1 Maak uw eigen webwinkel in Zen Cart.pdf

I also write book reviews (example: The Farm - Douglas Stevenson)

Since this is what I do since highschool: articles for all kind of magazines, here a little one for Bassworld magazine Safran Bass Guitars_BASSWORLD MAGAZINE.mht.

I've worked for C'T computermagazine, EssensiE, Highlife and Soft Secrets cannabis culture magazines and various other ones.

Besides these I'm working on a series about Reintegration in the Netherlands, Rainbow Culture and a Dutch translation of John Sinclair's 'Guitar Army'

but this last project may change over to a Spanish Translation :-)

I hope you understand that this site just will keep growing with me. In case you are interested in a written book about your life story or something similar; gimme a call! I helped Nico ' Livin' BluesXperience' with editing his own life story; in case that would be what you need I can help you too.