My journalism is much into first hand experience type; I've been in remote places and seen pretty amazing (i HAD to use the word) things in life. Some pics can tell more than my words.

I started at the highschool student paper 'Fizz', after which I got the spirit and started writing rebel articles for local university newspaper 'ANS' while I studied for teacher, later Dutch Language (university Nijmegen) and Journalism (Tilburg).
Some of my words have appeared in newspapers like the Gelderlander (concert reviews) and Brabants Dagblad (apprenticeship; I myself have to pay to see these articles now since BD has given them all to the Den Bosch archive, I recently discovered. Strange things...why the newspaper couldn't keep their own archive with the then already used computers?? Anyway, my writings have been eaten by mice rats and cats. In case you want to hire me for journalism work, I can send examples of my work, while I keep hoping that the Brabants Dagblad will send me my own articles back, one good day.