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Bas Vossen
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timeline - main activities

This site is an online portfolio to showcase and promote the development and design services of Bas Vossen to art directors, editors, publishing companies, and others who regularly hire developers, graphic designers and musicians for various projects including posters, brochures, letterhead, book ideas and jackets, web- and online store design, background music and voice overs, as well as implementing and expanding functionality issues.

How did I get here?

From 2007 until now I have been working as bass player, manager and website-editor of the Freewheelers Cello Band, starting the band with my wife in Nijmegen and travelling from there to Alicante (ES), Winters/Moraga, CA, USA having gigs almost every week since then with ; starting a webshop, responsible for band-marketing and –promotion, community building (in Dutch, Spanish and English); online visibility on Facebook, Myspace, Reverbnation, Labtones, LastFM, uPlaya, Youtube, Twitter and a handful of other social media.

In 2014 Ilene and I helped setting up ecotourism in Pla de Sta Maria, Spain, I wrote a dutch translation for the website of camp ecological Vinyols (, where we were summer act. At the moment I am working with Adobe CS6, jQuery and other frameworks. Study of Design is part of this, as I've been focused on the technicalities so far. I will list my activities chronologically. In case there may be any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me (see contact info).

2014 website of artist (in Wordpress); wrote 'Deel 1 Maak uw eigen webwinkel in Zen Cart' (book about open source eCommerce shop with ZenCart;).

2014 building classic tube amps, rebuild of deejay-case: from recordplayers to laptops

2013 writing courseware (for various courses I am setting up after an example of ''); digitalizing & editing 'Eb & Vloed' about the Ebben (Intratuin Malden) family

2013 tourist guide Fluweelengrot Valkenburg, caretaker gardens 'Stella Maris' and worker at Kringloop Maastricht

2012 Political blog:, Dutch summer tour,, a simple site for my younger brother, political historian. Also made a site for a Spa & Wellness in El Altet, Spain (company stopped), started an Ecological Garden and the Red House Parties at our seaside mansion in El Altet

2011 worker at Deb's Flower Market, Pleasant Hill, USA

2011 worker childrens playground 'Pacifica' sales of pumpkins and christmastrees, rental of inflatable jump-toys.


2010 promotor, marketeer, scenario writer, voice-over & assistant labelmanager Raoul Music, Middelaar 

2010 website (band stopped); editing 'My vacation on Earth' - Nico Christiansen (Livin'Blues) and writing for websites TiogaTours and Stedenman.

2009 website Jamboree Alicante (bar closed), 1st America-trip (Ilene's mom died)

2009 on-call worker Jamboree Alicante Spanje, Cabo de Gata en Beneficio-reis

2008 Started a blog: and filled first month then gave it to my elder brother who built it out to one of Holland's most popular blogs in 2009. From january until april I built a new engine in Mercedes camper with Jurgen van Herpen, after which we did a bandmigration to Spain

Juli-november 2007 band-marketing the Netherlands (among others, a gig with John Sinclair, ex-MC5)

Juni 2007 worker Oerol theatre festival, Terschelling, the Netherlands

April-Juni 2007 editor (in reality: German translator) for computer magazine C’T at F&L media, Nijmegen

2006-2007 technical helpdesk UPC Nijmegen

2006 volunteer Hall Of Fame Tilburg (rehearsal room, publicity)

2006 founder Amsterdams Muzikanten Vervoer (company stopped)

2006 mechanic Scootercity Amsterdam (repairing 4- and 2-stroke scooters)

2005-2006 volunteer campaign team political party AADG Amsterdam (campaign for Amsterdam elections; design of posters and flyers)

2005-2006 worker housing office NuOfNooit Amsterdam

2004-2006 Roadie and soundman at various bands (Vulvasonic, CANDEDA for which I also made a site, (

I've worked in this time with Dan Joyce, bassplayer and soundman of Sugarfactory and Paradiso Amsterdam

2004 Advance Interactive: Programming Bavaria application for Defensie Ministery (Visual Basic)

2004 Manager Vulvasonic: booking this symfonic rockband in Amsterdam and trying to get it booked in London, also recreating the site for people with worse vision than the guitarplayer of that band.

2002-2006 bassplayer Black Rabbit Amsterdam (Maarten Witzel, Arjin van As and Peter Westergard)

2003 TaBasCo guitarduo, host at the Badcuijp jamsession in Amsterdam

2002-2004 Oerol volunteer, Terschelling (publicity, cassier, catering)

2002-2003 reporter/web editor No Name Media, Almere (Salto A1 and A2 cable news)

2001-2002 Vitaminic Nederland (web-editor, system administrator) (company stopped Dutch branch)

2001 T-Bone Fisher cd and management

2001 Access to Amsterdam coordinator Aran Pub

2000-2001 programmer/ text writer documentation / web-editor Akris BV Amsterdam

2000 website for recruitment and selection bureau (stopped)

2000 dating site Sureline built for then girlfriend (site stopped)

2000 and (disappeared just as geocities band websites for Fridays and JanVanOort and (website for sale of hand made carpets from Thailand)

1999-2000 Tijd Beursmedia system administrator (implementing & load balancing, renoval of complete serverpark, improved backup, stock feeds and support for +/- 50 users with a crossplatform network (Apple and Microsoft) that I also improved)

1999 founded Helptekst (support for IT-companies and customers)

1998-1999 Knotsware Services BV Zwaagdijk programmer (AS400 and Access)

1998 built this site as a portal for international hippie'movement' (sic)

1997-1998 PID Amersfoort: stationed at ABNAMRO bank and Academic hospital Utrecht (AZU) (VisualBasic), Studio promo site:

1996-1997 IF Automatisering, Amersfoort: documentation of telecom billing program 'Heraut'.(Visual Foxpro)

1995-1996 Ecabo IT-course analist/programmer, apprenticeships: Detacom retail software Arnhem, Berlo electronics repair Duiven

1994 Pythische Spelen Tilburg pub coordinator De Spoel, Tilburg, opening the festival with Perry Habraken (classical guitar).

1992-1995 Student council Journalism Academy Tilburg (also party organiser)

1992-1995 bassplayer schoolband, partyband Tilburg (Peer IJpelaar, Romano, Mirjam)

1991-1995 Volunteer jazzcafe 'Paradox', Tilburg; stagehand; sound and licht technique. (jazz-podium)

1989-1990 guitarlessons Lindenberg Nijmegen (Jan Janssen, Point Blue)

1986-1989 Light and programming youth centre 'OJC Doornroosje', Nijmegen

1985-1991 voluntary writer ANS (Alg. Nijmeegs Studentenblad), various articles

1983-1987 Management rockband 'Light', Nijmegen (bookings, publicity, fanclub-building)

1981-1991 Volunteer 'OJC Staddijk', Nijmegen (bar, programming, publicity, silkscreen printing, poster-design, cassier, bar staff)

1980-1990 Zeeverkenners St. Paulus, Loodsenstam 't Anker

1979-1981 De Jonge Onderzoekers Nijmegen: elektronica, etsen, fotografie, computer

1976-1984 Begeleiding gehandicapte huisgenoot uit Bonaire (Norman Betrian)


For Vitaminic I worked from 2001 to 2002 as webmaster, where I did the technical as well as the contactual work. I have interviewed musicians and wrote various specials. The reactions on these were in common very positive(o.a. Julian Sas, Mike Mellotone). Unfortunately, this site has been taken offline by the Italian holding company because of a lack of B2B revenues. Half a year later Napster and its pirate friends stopped and Apple took the online music market with iTunes.


Development of interactive games (WayOut, DrunkDrivers)

Building website Studio Vibes Amsterdam (Roel Hugen)

Building website datingsite Sureline Alkmaar (Yolanda van de Loop)

Deelopment interactive website for Recruitment and Selection bureau (Rimec, Wiebe Selles, Anton Tempelman)


Ministerie van Landbouw, Natuurbeheer en Visserij, plant disease office

Moving personnel department from Unix to Windows. Creating a simple, intuitive user interface with buttons for template letters. Giving users training about how to use MS Office, esp. MS Word.

With Akris I helped building and documenting a content management system (CMS, called Bright In Sites).
For TijdBeursMedia I supported about 50 workers as system administrator, with a Mac Appletalk part, a Linux part and a Windows part. Here I also was responsible for the feeds intake of the Dutch Stock Market, as well as the continuity of the stock feeds.

At NoNameMedia I worked as reporter and news editor of the Amsterdam Salto Cable news.

Knotsware had a financial package built in Visual Basic, as well as IBM AS400 mini-mainframe experts.

At IF Automatisering I built and maintained Foxpro applications for telephone companies and non-profit organisations. At PID I was stationed at various sites and built solutions in (Visual) Basic, Delphi and (Visual) FoxPro.

In all jobs I also have tested applications and reported about these; this is a hobby since I was a young boy at De Jonge Onderzoekers.