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We also offer classes where you can learn various forms of yoga, thai chi and even chess, as well as massaging and professional relaxing. Ilene McHolland is a specialist in the Alexander Technique and neurolinguistic programming. Her partner is a bassplayer who studied with various professionals in the field and knows how to keep his muscles relaxed in order to perform for a night of hot Rock'n'Roll. We also can offer a video workshop Mindfulness.


MAY: Filling of the pool events, comparable with the Song Khai traditional parties in Thailand. You might get wet!

JUNE: Midsummer party at the venue with various arts and bands.

JULY, AUGUST, SEPTEMBER: these summer months we live at night and do our famous 'Eat your heart out Ibiza!' parties. Since we have no neighbours, there is no closing time for the parties. The only thing we ask from our guests is to watch out with fire.

In Ancient Rome we always used to say: "Rapiebant me spectacula theatrica, plena imaginibus miseriarum mearum et fomitibus ignis mei. quis est, quod ibi homo vult dolere."


OCTOBER: This month we still have the best weather in Europe. The sea is still warm and the beach is virtually yours...


NOVEMBER: Closing of the year event. Cleaning, weeping and gathering energy and new plans for the upcoming season.