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Portfolio Vitaminic work

Here are some examples of 'specials' that I made:
Mike Donkers interview 2001

Julian Sas interview

North Sea Jazz.

Vitaminic (http://www.vitaminic.it) was one of the first companies after the invention of the mp3 music compression format to build a website around downloadable music. At that time, Napster was the big fish, allowing anybody to ILLEGALY download any music that one put on the Napster server. The only ones that benefited from this practice were the Napster owner and the people that all of a sudden could afford to listen to all of the music they couldn't afford to buy previously.

I remember very well that everyone involved in this music thing was upset that the international courts didn't do anything to stop Napster in its first years. It took 3 years (!!) to stop Napster. Enough time to kill Vitaminic, which started as a pretty small company but because of the love for music, they shared 50% with the artists: the largest percentage ever, still. Compare this with the royalties mp3.com is giving out, of iTunes or spotify, which is a complete insult to any artist (please, if you are using Spotify, uninstall that anti art devil asap!!).

From 2001 until the end of the Dutch office of Vitaminic, June 2002, I worked as web editor for Vitaminic and still consider this the very best job I had (after being the Freewheelers Bassplayer :-)) since I could interview people I considered my heroes: Mike Donkers (Mike & the Mellotones) and Julian Sas and I could finally afford to go to the North Sea Jazz festival, where I saw Buddy Guy, Marcus Miller, Wayne Shorter, Dave Holland and many more favorite artists, and especially the friendly honest atmosphere -you walked in between famous musicians half the time- is stuck in my memory. I made about thirty 'specials' in those years, including one about Oerol, where I also included more theatre. Unfortunately, most of this material is lost in cyberspace.

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