Four likeable gentlemen let your ears flap! Lead singer and guitarist Mario Driessen's juicy and musical fantasies are fluidly and in a self-willed manner performed by his fellows Stefan Schaminee on bass, Sebastiaan Schelfhout on guitar and Rick Reyntjes on drums.

The band travels along the musical paths of rock, funk and psychedelica and has a distinctive love for the musical humor and complexity of Frank Zappa, the spirit of King Crimson and freakin' improvisation. Their original music and sound is simply rock solid and varies between catchy, powerful rocksongs and dreamy pieces with jungle and dancegrooves.

With a pounding rhythm section and two wonderful guitars, Vulvasonic works like a vacuumcleaner for your braincells and leaves you with one question: What the hell was this....?!

Now let's get serious....
The boys of Vulvasonic are, on the contrary of what you might think, certainly not a bunch of misogynist dorks. We simply adore the vulva in all it's manifestations and the main goal of Vulvasonic is to please the bothered and poor female side of the world in a very revolutionary way. Now let's talk about science!

After every show we got confronted with a big group of women who confessed to be horny as a hoot-owl because of, as we discovered, the pounding heavy sounds of the bassguitar!

Certain frequences cause certain vibrations in the area of the mons veneris, causing whoops of delight! And this is our quest. We feel it's our vocation to be responsible for the pleasure of women.


Mario Driessen (vocals, lead guitar):
Vulvasonic, in my opinion, is the best thing that could happen to any guitarist. And it's the freedom in its music that's got me hooked to it.
There's a lot to say about Vulvasonic and a lot more that I could never tell, for there are no ways to express my positive feelings towards the band. Just call it 'THE PERFECT BALANCE'.

Rick Reyntjes (drums):
Hi boys and girls, I'm Rick, your cute little drummer! I play the drums since I was ten years old, blame my family for it. I like to listen to Boy George, Five, Rick Ashley, Elton John und Nena and my all time favourite drummer is Chad Wackerman. I love my dog, my cat and besides music, women... eeh, yeah women! I just hate reading, work and amateurs! Which makes me the snob of the band but that is just what they need! Hahaha!

Sebastiaan Schelfhout (guitarscapes):
Hi there, my name is Sebastiaan. All these years that I've been touching the six strings, one of the things I really enjoy is playing soundscapes. And somehow it fits perfectly in this freaky band, which is the best combination of musicians you and I could ever imagine.
If you want to know more about me, come to a show, we'll have a beer and talk about Frank Zappa, King Crimson, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, tropical countries, humor, art, horrormovies, cars, (comic)books, politics, beer, parties, ladies and lazyness...

Stefan Schaminee (freakbass):
Hello. I'm Stef, bassplayer of the orchestra. Who I am? Well, it's about time someone asks me that question. I think I'm just a guy trying to get rid of his ego by playing spacy freaky music on his bass. What do I like? Well, vulva's of course, grooving, drinking - in a social context that is - reading, floyd, beatles, Hendrix, very loud and fast rock'nroll and bootsy C. Is there more? Yeah, a lot. Just check me out when we're playing in your neighbourhood and I will tell you all about it. See ya , cheers!

Vulvasonic is a perfect combination of.........
.......lots of things, we believe. And we hope you'll join in!
So, HOW can you become part of the VULVASONIC COMMUNITY?
Easy, just send us anything YOU feel as the culmination of your VULVASONIC EXPERIENCE! It can be a photograph, soundsamples, drawings or even underwear you wore during a VULVASONIC GIG. A simple letter might work perfectly well for us.
WE will make sure that all of this stuff, if it's good taste, will be put on THIS GREAT SITE in a hopefully fast expanding gallery.
Send anything you shot, drew, wrote, wore and more to STUFF
Thank you very much!

cactus show (live Hengelo 02-2004)

2. lucy's burning out *
4. johnny and anita
5. megavulva/ moustache flamoustache *
6. dream in sound *
7. just do me *
8. close eyes *
10. drop dead *
11. better not talking (unless you got something to say)

elephants on tightrope *